Hungary, Denmark, Sweden, Austria & Slovakia

Our Vacation in June 2007

     This was our longest family vacation abroad. We were gone from home for 25 days to visit the four countries above. After seeing some sights in Budapest, we took a weekend drive to the old Roman town of Pecs. Next we flew with Sky Europe to Kobenhavn for a four day visit. A few days after that we took the train to Wien (Vienna) Austria for the weekend. We returned to Budapest via a highspeed hydrofoil boat.
      For our final two cities, we drove to Szentendre Hungary and then later took the train to Bratislava Slovakia.


(click below for pictures of our trip.)


                               Budapest                                     Pecs Hungary                     Kbenhavn & Malmo Sweden




                                              Wien, Austria                       Szentendre, Hungary and Bratislava, Slovakia