European Vacation

June 2001

     In June of 2001, we set out to visit Laura in London and decided to see a little of England and Europe on the way. We left Cleveland on 28 May 2001 on our way to Atlanta, Europe and England. We returned home on 15 June 2001. In between, we visited eight countries and drove around 3600 km (2250 miles).
     Those who are not faint of heart and thrive on minute detail are welcome to read our travelog (in MS Word format). It does have some more pictures and links to tourist sites and other sites of interest.

Our Itinerary

Day 1 & 2

Cleveland to Atlanta, Chicago and Frankfurt. A visit with Jerry Leo at his ristaurante. Buzz air to London.

Day 3

Drive to Bath and Bristol then accross the River Avon into South Wales. Night at Caerphilly.

Day 4-5

Toured the Castle at Caerphilly then drove to Fairford England. Night at RAF Fairford. Drive to Oxford - LON

Day 6

We did the tourist thing in downtown London.

Day 7

We visited the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum and then drove to Bearsted in Kent.

Day 8

Took the ferry across the English Channel & visited Hardelot France. Dinner at the White Horse Pub in Bearsted.

Day 9

Tennis for all at then an afternoon visit to Canterbury. Evening Bar-B-Q at the Wiles.

Day 10

Downtown London (see Day 6) & fly from London Stansted to Frankfurt, night at Gateway Gardens.

Day 11

Leave Rhein-Main AB and visit Heidleburg then drive through Lichtenstein & Austria to Chur Switzerland.

Day 12 - 13

Ride the Glacier Express from Chur to Zermatt. Spend the night in Zermatt and return to Chur.

Day 14

Ride the Bernina Express train from Chur to Tirano Italy. Return to Chur on Bernina Express and spend the night.

Day 15

Ride the Aeroso express to Aerosa then drive over Splügenpass into Italy and spend the night in Verona.

Day 16

Take FSS train from Verona to Venezia (Venice), tour Venezia then return to Verona for 2nd night.

Day 17-18

Drive from Verona to Salzburg Österreich (Austria), night in Salzburg then see Altstadt Salzburg next day, then drive to Frankfurt.

Day 19

American Airlines from Frankfurt to Atlanta then drive from Ft. McPearson to Cleveland (no pictures or web page)