Driving to Washington DC via US Hwy 11 - May 2008

Retracing the Route of My High School Senior Trip

      In May 2008 I set out to retrace the route of my high school senior trip. Yeara ago, our senior class went to Washington before much of the Interstate Highway system was complete. I remember the quaintness that was associated with driving 2-lane highways at much slower speeds and with no rest areas. I wanted to see what was left of this former way of travel. I did not intend to duplicate the stops we made then, just see the highway.


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Draper's Valley VA Historical Marker
 Located on US11 south of Pulaski VA.


Draper's Valley from US11
 Viewed from scenic area at 2700 ft elev.

Virginia Museum of Transportation
 Located in Roanoke VA. See their web site.


Hotel Roanoke
 Built in 1882 by Norfolk & Western Railroad. Hotel web site.

Panorama VA on Skyline Drive
 Planned demolition summer 2008. See NPS article.


D-Day Memorial Bedford VA
 More info.

D-Day Memorial Bedford VA


Representation of the Beach Assault
 See a short movie showing effects representing weapons fire.[Quicktime,18 sec,25 MB]

Helment and Rifle Signifing a Fallen Soldier


D-Day Memorial Bedford VA
 Overlord Arch

D-Day Memorial Necrology Wall


Bedford VA
 Taken from the D-Day Memorial

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