Colorado Trip 19 - 25 September 2002

Riding the Narrow Gage Railroads of Colorado

           After a 1999 trip with Jennie to Alamosa and Durango, I wanted to pickup some of the trains we missed. In 1999, we road the Durango & Silverton RR so this time I chose to ride the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad, running from Antonito CO to Chama NM. This was truly great ride and equal to the Durango and Silverton. This trip included a stay in Ouray CO which turned out to be a really neat town. I definitely plan to repeat this journey in the future and include Ouray in my plans.


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Rocky Mtns. from Peterson AFB CO
 View of the Rockies looking towards Chyanne Mtn. - 19Sep02


Mt. Blanca in Blanca Massif
 The Blanca Massif includes Mt. Blanca (4372 m/14,345 ft). Picture taken looking north from US Hwy 160 near Blanca CO.

Flattop Hills near San Luis
 Flattop Hills northeast of San Luis CO - 19 Sep 02


Town of San Luis Colorado
 Looking down into San Luis from Stations of the Cross Shrine - 19Sep02

Stations of the Cross Shrine - San Luis CO
 Stations of the Cross Shrine on a hill overlooking the town of San Luis CO.


Inside the Chapel of the Stations of the Cross Shrine
 This is inside the little chapel of the Stations of the Cross Shrine in San Luis CO.

Cumbres & Toltec Train
 View of the engine and several cars on the Cumbres & Toltec SR.


Cumbres & Toltec Train with Aspen
 Here we see the engine passing near a small stand of yellow aspen.

Aspen with Smoke
 You can see the fall colors of aspens on the hillside with wisps of train engine smoke in the sky.


Rugged Countryside from C&T Train

Rugged Countryside from C&T Train


Cumbres Depot
 Some snow remains by porch.

Small Stand of Aspens on Hillside


Traveling Above Cumbres Creek

Looking at Cumbres Creek Valley


Approaching Los Pinos

Engine 497 at Dalton near Cumbres
 This picture taken from car next day after train ride. Sep02


Cumbres & Toltec Engine 497 near Hwy 1
 This photo taken next day after train ride. Drove in car on Hwy 17 to this site.

Looking down on the rio de los Pinos River Valley


Crossing Bridge over Tributary to Rio de los Pinso River
 This is not too far from the Osier station.

Looking down on the rio de los Pinos River Valley
 At this point, the train is almost to Osier.


Our Train While Stopped for Lunch in Osier
 MP 318.4

Engine 487 While on Lunch Break in Osier


Our Train Beyond Osier near Toltec Gorge

View of Toltec Gorge
 MP 315.3 about 3 mi. E of Osier.


Rear of Train with Caboose

Valley East of Toltec
 Around MP 299


Valley East of Toltec

View of Durango & Silverton Train
 View of Durango & Silverton train from US 550 overlook.


Silverton from US 550 Overlook
 Read more about Silverton.

Red Mtn. Mining District on US 550
 This site, located between Silverton & Ouray,is owned by Ironton Mining.


View of Ouray CO from Box Canyon

Main Street in Ouray
 Downtown Ouray.


Hotel Beaumont in Ouray
 See Beaumont's web site.

Ouray Hotel Hallway
 My room is second on left. web page.


Falls in Box Canyon Ouray CO

Falls in Box Canyon Ouray CO


Water Falls on Cliff by Ouray

Aspens Along Alpine Loop
 Jeep tour with San Juan Adventures. (now SOA)


Mine Shack on Alpine Loop

Ore Processing Plant on Alpine Loop
 Taken during Jeep tour.


On Alpine Loop Near Denver Hill
 Jeep tours now operated by SOA, Ouray.

Oh! Point
 Engineer Mtn in Background


Oh! Point near Engineer Mtn Pass
 Engineer Mtn in background. Taken during jeep tour.

Standing On Oh! Point Near Engineer's Pass


Mining Buildings near Animas Forks

Old Hundred Gold Mine
 More info.


Aspens on County Road near Howardsville
 Old ghostown NE of Silverton near road to Old Hundred Mine.

Mayflower Mill near Silverton
 Read historical info.


Cimarron Visitor Center (NPS)
 NPS info.

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